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Best answer: How to cook jerk chicken on a pellet grill?

What wood do you smoke jerk chicken with?

Pimento wood is the actual wood that Jamaicans apply to jerk chicken. The pimento wood tree also provides us pimento berries, which is also known as allspice, pimento wood for smoking, sticks to create a grill, and leaves to add extra smoky aroma to jerk cooking. Jerk captures its flavor from pimento wood.

How is jerk chicken traditionally cooked?

How is jerk chicken traditionally cooked? In Jamaica, jerk chicken is cooked over coals, but not on a traditional grate. Jerk BBQ pits are covered in fresh wood from the pimento tree. The pimento tree is also where the allspice berries come from that are used in the marinade.

Is jerk chicken dry or moist?

Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica, in which meat is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice.

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What seasoning do you use for jerk?

The best way to use a jerk seasoning is as a dry rub for roasted or grilled meats. However, it also works well in stews, braised dishes, seafood and poultry, and pork.

How long should you marinate jerk chicken?

Most cooks marinate their meat for as long as possible, at least 12 hours but sometimes up to 24. As a result, the chicken is imbued with a ton of flavor before it even meets the coals and wood that will fill it with smokiness. Well-made, authentic jerk chicken is addictive: It’s both smoky and moist, sweet and spicy.

How do you smoke jerk chicken?

Preheat your smoker to 275°F and toss a few wood chunks onto hot coals for smoking. 5. Remove chicken from the marinade and place in the smoker, skin side up. Cook until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 165°F, about 1 ½ to 2 hours.

What is usually served with jerk chicken?

Thanks to a blend of herbs and seasonings, jerk chicken is pleasantly smoky, spicy and full of flavor. In Jamaica, popular side dishes for jerk chicken include bread or a crispy fried dough dumpling known as ‘festival. ‘ Jerk chicken also goes well with rice, salad, potatoes and steamed veggies.

How spicy is jerk chicken?

Is Jerk Chicken spicy? Yes, Jerk Chicken is spicy! It is seasoned with Scotch bonnet peppers which are seriously hot peppers. They measure 100,000-350,000 Scottsville Heat Unites (SHU) compared to the jalapeno at 2500 to 8,000 SHU.

Is Jamaican Jerk Chicken supposed to be dry?

No. If it is dry, it hasn’t been cooked correctly. Jamaican jerk chicken is supposed to be flavoursome and full of juices that are so succulent it melts in your mouth.

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What is the difference between jerk seasoning and marinade?

The Jerk seasoning is meant to be rubbed into the meat and left in the fridge overnight before grilling. The Jerk marinade is a “wetter” and “quicker use” version of the seasoning – by that I mean you can marinade your meat in just 1/2 hr if you are short on time with the Jerk marinade.

Why do they call it jerk chicken?

Where does the “Jerk Chicken” Name Come From? The name comes from both the people who developed the method and the people who colonized the Caribbean. The word “jerk” comes from the Spanish word “charqui,” as Spain had come to colonize the Caribbean Islands.

Why is it called jerk spice?

This process also introduces a strong smoky flavor to the meat. According to most food historians tells us the “Jerk” is the Spanish word that comes from a Peruvian word “Charqui” meaning dried strips of meat like what we call “Jerky”.

Is Caribbean jerk the same as Jamaican jerk?

While both jerk and creole seasonings are savory in flavor, they are not the same thing. Jerk seasoning is associated with Caribbean cooking and comes from Jamaica. Jerk spice blend is much hotter and more assertive in flavor. It relies on pungent spices not found in creole seasoning such as allspice and chilies.

Is Cajun seasoning the same as jerk seasoning?

The ingredients used for cajun and jerk seasoning are different and each of these spice blends differ in flavor profile. The main ingredients in jerk seasoning are allspice and scotch bonnet peppers, while Cajun seasoning contains mainly cayenne peppers, paprika, garlic powder and oregano.

Is cumin in jerk chicken?

Ingredients In Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Spices – Cumin, nutmeg, allspice, smoked paprika, cinnamon.

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Can you marinate jerk chicken too long?

Typically, marinating the chicken for two hours is enough time to let it soak up the flavor. However, you can let marinade stay in the fridge for up to two days, according to the USDA Food and Inspection Service.

What are the three main ingredients of jerk?

There are three main ingredients in jerk spices: scotch bonnet, allspice, and thyme.

What does jerk chicken taste like?

What does jerk chicken taste like? Jerk chicken has a very spicy taste, packed with heat, which is smoky as well. The spice and heat come from the jerk seasoning, whereas the smoky flavor comes from the chicken being cooked over coals and green pimento wood.

Can you make jerk chicken in a smoker?

Jerk chicken is quintessential Jamaican cooking and is as flavorful a dish as they come. The intense deep flavor is accomplished in steps. There is the complex flavor and aroma in the actual jerk marinade, plus the slow smoking over wood coals or pimento wood if you have that luxury.

How do you cook jerk chicken legs on the grill?

Place chicken drumsticks on the grill and allow to sear, about 2 minutes per side. Turn grill heat to low, close the lid and grill the chicken, turning occasionally, until internal temperature at the thickest part of the drumstick reads 170°, about 40 minutes. Serve hot, with lime wedges.

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