How do other countries eat bacon?

The bacon is then salted and cured, before being sold in markets throughout the country. … However, Koreans are increasingly eating bacon as part of a main course. Rasher, Speck and Bauchspeck. Europeans enjoy their bacon as much as Americans, but the meat is considerably different from that in the States.

Moreover, what cultures eat bacon?

  1. Australia. Middle bacon is the most popular style of bacon in Australia.
  2. Canada. Many will argue that Canadian bacon is actually just ham.
  3. China. In China, bacon is called lop yuk; it’s air-cured with soy sauce, brown sugar and spices for seven to ten days, until it is very hard.
  4. Germany.
  5. Italy.
  6. Korea.

Quick Answer, what country likes bacon the most? The United StatesThe United States tops the list, with citizens eating an average of around 97 kg per year. Australia, which consumed the most meat according to the same data from 2013, is in second place, at 2.3 kg less per person per year than the US.

Subsequently, why does bacon taste different in Europe? Different wood chips are used to give the bacon different smoked flavors, such as hickory-smoked bacon. Unsmoked bacon is referred to as green bacon in Europe, mostly in the United Kingdom, and this is often not cooked as much as what Americans are used to.

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Correspondingly, do Russians eat bacon raw? Today, we’ll take a look at Russian Bacon. Check out this photo of Russian Bacon… According to, the stuff is called “Salo”. It’s kept in the freezer, eaten raw, and is considered to increase in Smaste™ as its fat content rises.

What country is known for bacon?

People often think of it as being as American as apple pie, but many cultures around the world bring home the bacon. The largest pork-producing nation is China, clocking in at 51.6 million metric tons, according to the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service.

Do they eat bacon in Italy?

The bacon is a major part of the meal. In Italian cooking, with pancetta, it is not so much a feature in the meal – it is really more an ingredient. So, in pasta, recipes will call for pancetta.

Do they eat bacon in Japan?

Japan. Called beikon, Japanese bacon is cured and smoked pig belly. Instead of long strips that Americans are used to, Japanese beikon is shorter and served in smaller portions. Uncured belly slices are called bara; they’re used as an ingredient in entrées.

Is bacon American food?

Where bacon comes from. Bacon has been made in the UK for centuries (and most likely in many more countries). Most farming families would have a few pigs. Once a pig was slaughtered, all that meat would be processed into all sorts of products, making bacon was just one of them.

Which state eats the most bacon?

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Nebraska tops the list as the most bacon-centric state, with a consumption rate that’s a whopping 132% above the national average.

How do the British eat bacon?

American bacon is generally served in crispy strips, streaked with fat, while British bacon, also known as rashers, is chewier and thicker, served in round slices; it’s closer to a slice of grilled deli meat than what an American would traditionally call “bacon.” But what, exactly, causes the difference between British …

Which US city consumes the most bacon?

New York, New York The Big Apple is also apparently the Big Bacon! Topping off our list of the cities that eat the most bacon, New York will be hard to displace. All credit for this list goes to the fine folks at the American Meat Institute.

What is English bacon called in America?

British bacon is very similar to Canadian bacon, though it is fattier around the edges. American-style bacon is readily available in the UK, but it is known as “streaky bacon” due to the streaks of fat running along it.

What is bacon called in Britain?

Back bacon is the most common form in the UK and Ireland, and is the usual meaning of the plain term “bacon”. A thin slice of bacon is known as a rasher; about 70% of bacon is sold as rashers. Heavily trimmed back cuts which consist of just the eye of meat, known as a medallion, are also available.

Is Canadian bacon a ham?

Both Canadian bacon and ham come from pork and might look the same depending on the forms they take, but there are key differences. … Cut: The main difference between the two is that Canadian-style bacon comes from the back of the pig, and is a loin cut. Ham comes from the back legs or butt.

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Do they eat bacon in Germany?

Although pork dishes in general have found popularity in Germany, many of the meat foods that Germans eat specifically contain bacon. … In Berlin, people love bacon with staple foods such as potatoes and sausage. In fact, the German favorite, Bratwurst, is cooked with bacon to give it a smoky, delicious flavor.

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