How many burger priests are there?

Owner and operator of a chain of the burger restaurant. The company’s products include cheeseburger topped with bacon, beef patties, cheese, pickles, and diced onions, hot dogs, ice creams, soda, potato fries, cookies, and other related food products catering corporate, office, birthday, wedding, and religious events.

Does Burger priest have the impossible burger?

Customers today can head to the closest Burger Priest to try The ImpossibleTM Priest, an Impossible Burger patty topped with vegan High Priest Sauce, shredded lettuce, diced onion and pickles.

Is Burger priest in America?

Since opening its first shop at Queen and Coxwell in June 2010, the classic American-style burger joint rapidly gained a devout following. A second Burger’s Priest opened at Yonge and Lawrence in January 2012, and now a third location is slated to make its debut at Queen and Spadina next month.

What is burger priest secret sauce?

Burger’s Priest Secret Sauce The sauce is probably just a combination of mayo, relish and mustard with a few other things, but it’s just way too good to pass up. A nice helping of this secret sauce goes great on a Vatican City (two patties between two grilled cheese sandwiches).

Does burger priest have onion rings?

We liked it, so we put a ring on it. Cheeseburger, Secret Sauce, and a ring of sautéed onions, sangwiched between buttered buns.

Why is it called the Burger’s Priest?

The name is a Biblical reference that’s loosely intended to save the people of Toronto from spending too much on eating out. Mardirosian knows former owner of the space Craig Harding from throwing Burger’s Priest Christmas parties at Campagnolo.

What is the best burger in Burger priest?

The Burger’s Priest is the best burger I’ve ever had. I’ve introduced at least a dozen of my family and friends to it and every single person agrees. It is the best burger. The…

Why is it called Burgers priest?

In June 2010, with 350 square feet, four stools and a small meat grinder, Shant opened his first restaurant on Toronto’s Queen Street East. He called it, The Burger’s Priest. Eager devotees would walk an extra mile for a no-nonsense meal, then line up down the block to order juicy offerings off a repurposed hymn board.

Does burgers priest have keto buns?

Our Keto Bun contains almond and coconut flour. Our products are NOT fried in peanut oil. Some of our products contain eggs. Specifically, the option, smoke, cookies and our ice cream.

How many calories are in a Rudy burger?

At The Burger’s Priest, Reza estimates a two-patty burger will clock in with between 800 and 900 calories. Small tweaks add up over time. Skip the cheese to save between 50 and 80 calories and about 5 grams of fat. And forgoing mayonnaise can save about 100 calories and 10 grams of fat.

What is the option at burger priest?

The Option is a veggie burger made of fried, cheese-stuffed Portobello mushrooms. The Priest is an Option plus a cheeseburger. Off menu, the oddly popular Vatican City boasts two grilled cheese sandwiches (made from buns) and two cheeseburgers.

How big are Burger priest patties?

The meat: Two four-ounce patties made from a custom blend of premium beef, freshly ground in-house every hour and cooked to medium.

Is burgers priest gravy vegan?

Burger’s Priest now has a vegan option: “The Vegan” (Our own vegan patty topped the way you like it with our BP vegan sauce.

What is the G14 sauce?

G14 sauce Burger Priest. Premium beef patty, bacon, blue cheese.

What is a Jarge shake?

Jarge” is a cooking method, a person and a sound. To make a “Jarge-style” burger, Mardirosian coats the bottom of a four-ounce ball of ground beef with yellow mustard, then smashes it into the flat-top; once the mustard has cooked into the meat, the patty is topped with fried onion mixed with special sauce.