How much are desserts at toby carvery?

Pudding Menu at Toby Carvery Save the best ’til last and finish off your meal at The Home of the Roast with a delicious sweet treat… go on, you deserve it! Tuck into our Baked Vanilla Cheesecake, Eton Mess or for a vegan option enjoy our Apple Pie with soya custard.

How much is a carvery from Toby?

All Day Carvery Menu from £8.99 (incl. Lamb) at Toby Carvery.

How much is a Toby on a Sunday?

Sunday roasts don’t have to be expensive at Toby Carvery. The roast dinner is only £10.29 and comes with 5 meats, a number of sides and great service.

How do you pay at Toby Carvery?

We advise our guests, wherever possible, to pay by card or contactless methods. We accept contactless card payments up to £45, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Is Toby Carvery closing down?

We have now closed our doors as a Toby Carvery restaurant to make way for something new & exciting. … If you wish to continue hearing from Toby Carvery, please sign up to receive news and offers, or select a different Toby Carvery restaurant to be your new favourite location.

How many meats can you have at Toby Carvery?

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Here at Toby Carvery, we’re proud to dish up 4 of our famous roast meats every day, served with all the trimmings. From traditional roasts to our yorkie wrap with a twist, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Do Toby Carvery do chips?

Review of Toby Carvery. Description: Here at Toby Carvery Lympstone, we believe there’s only one way to do our beloved British roast – and that’s properly. Every spud is checked by hand and ruffled for extra crunch.

How much is Sunday carvery at Stonehouse?

Sunday carvery is £8.79 but for an extra £1.50 you can go large and have extra meat. There is a website it’s easy to access and the menu is quite extensive. over a year ago.

Can I use my blue light card at Toby Carvery?

To connect with Blue Light Card, join Facebook today. Breakfast?, lunch? and dinner? – Toby Carvery has you covered!

How much is a meat free Toby Carvery?

Come and try our Meat Free Carvery! It’s all your favourites from our famous carvery station without the meat… and it’s £1.75 cheaper! Or, for something different, try our Vegan Sausage Roll or Veggie Toad in the Hole. We’ve also got a fantastic range of tasters for £2.99 each or two for £4.99.

How do you order food at Toby Carvery?

How do I order a toby takeaway? Select the time you would like to pick up the takeaway from your local Toby restaurant. Choose what you would like from the menus – starters, mains and puddings. Check everything is correct on your order.

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Can you serve yourself at Toby Carvery now?

Customers at Toby Carvery have praised the restaurant chain after it announced that the self-serve option has finally returned. … “From this weekend you’ll be able to serve your own breakfast and carvery, just the way you like it, with as many roasties as you like.

Can you help yourself at Toby Carvery now?

Toby Carvery will continue to operate table service and guests will need to remain seated in the restaurant. Instead of being able to help yourself, your food is now plated at the deck by staff members.

Is Toby Carvery unhealthy?

Toby Carvery does have the potential to be a diet nightmare with the option to king size your roast, but it also offers some healthy, well-portioned dishes. Just try to say no to the nachos in the giant Yorkshire pud starter.

Does Toby Carvery do normal food?

Help yourself to unlimited freshly steamed & roasted vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, mac & cheese and beef dripping or plain roasties from our carvery deck. Feel free to go back for more vegetables.

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