How much is a bacon double xl meal?

Two flamed-grilled beef patties topped with Applewood smoked bacon and American cheese, all in our toasted sesame seed bun.

Correspondingly, how much is a bacon double at McDonald’s? Double bacon BBQ burger — $7.49.

Best answer for this question, how much is a bacon double? The Bacon Double Stack burger is priced at $3.99 in my area (may vary) but can also be ordered as part of a $5 Biggie Bag that includes the burger, 4-piece chicken nuggets (regular or spicy), a small order of fries, and a small fountain drink for $5.

Subsequently, how many calories are in a Burger King bacon double XL? There are 955 calories in 1 burger of Burger King Bacon Double Cheese XL.

Furthermore, what’s the difference between bacon XL and bacon king? The aptly-named Bacon King sandwich includes two flame-grilled burgers topped with eight slices of thick-cut smoked bacon, melted cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise in a sesame seed bun. It contains 59g of fat and 1,040 calories – making it even more calorific than a Bacon Double XL (930) or a Big King XL (1,010).

How much does bacon cost at mcdonalds?

The company said prices will range, depending on location, for the Big Mac Bacon from $5.19 to 5.39, the Quarter Pounder Cheese with bacon from $5.29 to $5.49 and the Cheese Bacon Fries from $3.15 to $3.45.

Is Mcdonalds bacon real?

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Nearly all of the meat in McDonald’s breakfast items is pork: the sausage, the Canadian bacon, and of course the standard bacon. … So even though they’re making the effort to source humane pork, it’s no guarantee for the time being.

Does McDonald’s have a double bacon cheeseburger?

The burger, which has 495 calories, has two patties and sees two slices of cheese and two rashers of bacon wedged inside the bun. … That’s all then topped off with the usual suspects of onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup.

How much bacon is in a King of bacon?

The new Single Bacon King features one, quarter pound beef patty topped with American cheese and three-half slices of the thick cut bacon. Of course, there is also mayonnaise and ketchup on the sesame seed bun.

What’s the biggest burger at Mcdonalds?

McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder Despite the recent hype of the Grand Big Mac — a sized-up, limited edition version of the original being touted for its girth — the biggest burger by weight at McDonald’s is actually the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

How much is big king XL?

The BIG KING XL sandwich is available at select restaurants nationwide for a limited time only with a recommended price of $5.59.

How much is a bacon Big Mac at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s Big Mac Bacon takes the two beef patties, American cheese, Big Mac sauce, pickles, lettuce, and onions on a sesame seed bun of the iconic burger and adds three pieces of applewood-smoked bacon to it. I paid $5.29 for the burger.

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