How much is crepes and cones worth?

Rap duo Krept and Konan are set to launch their own dessert restaurant Crepes & Cones. The restaurant will serve crêpes, ice-cream and waffles, as well as chicken, burgers, ribs and hot dogs, all of which will be halal. …

Who owns Crepes and Cones?

Crepes and Cones founders Casyo “Krept” Johnson and Kark “Konan” Wilson, who were born in Gypsy Hill and Thornton Heath respectively, describe the business as “not your average dessert restaurant”.

What happened to Crepes and Cones?

Krept and Konan’s South Croydon restaurant Crepes and Cones has closed for two weeks to undergo a refurbishment. The restaurant, on South End, shut on Monday (March 25) and will not reopen until April 8.

When did Crepes and Cones open?

When Crepes and Cones opened on May 12, 2018 queues stretched all along South End as fans attempted to be among the first to dine at the restaurant. It was so popular that it was reported on social media that there were food shortages.

Are Krept and Konan still friends?

The duo lost close friend and business partner Nyasha “Nash” Chagonda to suicide in June 2018, who was commemorated in “Broski” on the album Revenge Is Sweet.

Does Konan own a restaurant?

Krept & Konan have announced the grand opening of their own dessert restaurant in London. A few years ago, the British rap duo joked on Twitter that they would “have a dessert chain restaurant one day called ‘Crepes And Cones’.

Who is Nash Krept and Konan?

No strangers to suffering, the rap duo from Croydon talk about bringing mental health into focus on their second album. Krept, 29, grew up in Crystal Palace and Konan, 30, in Thornton Heath. Casyo “Krept” Johnson and Karl “Konan” Wilson are the UK’s biggest rap duo.

Who kills Konan?

Not only did Obito surprise Konan but the entire fandom as well. Konan ended up dying in an excruciatingly painful manner while Obito proceeded to take Nagato’s Rinnegan and use it for his own good.

How old is Krept and Konan?

Krept and Konan are a British hip hop duo from London, consisting of Casyo “Krept” Johnson, born 4 February 1990 (age 30) from Gipsy Hill and Janayd Karl “Konan” Wilson, born 3 September 1989 (age 30) from Thornton Heath, the son of Delroy Wilson otherwise known as ‘Jamaica’s first child star’.

Who killed Konans dad?

Carlton Ned, 41, step-father to Konan was shot in the chest and killed trying to protect Konan and his mother from the fleeing gunmen. This week on Monday 5th August 2013, a day after the release of the video, the accused gunman, Christopher Thomas, 22, was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

Did Krept and Konan break up?

Krept, of hip-hop duo Krept & Konan, has announced his amicable split from model and mother of his child, Sasha Ellese. The musician took to Twitter to announce the news on Monday morning. We went on to clarify that infidelity was not the reason for their break up.

Did Krept and Konan go to jail?

And this January, two up-and-coming performers – Skengdo and AM – were sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for two years, for breaching a gang injunction by performing their song Attempted 1.0 at a London concert. The duo, who pleaded guilty, told BBC 1Xtra that their lyrics simply reflected their life.

Was Konan homeless?

It was revealed in the interview that Konan was in fact homeless during the process of filming the video and they were the only clothes that he owned.

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