How was kevin bacon in footloose?

The producers had to convince Bacon that turning down a sure role in “Christine” for a part he might not even get in “Footloose” was the wiser choice. The producers told him that if he got the part for “Footloose”, the role would make him a star. Thirty seconds into the screentest, Bacon was offered the part.

Moreover, was Kevin Bacon really dancing in Footloose? Speaking of that famous warehouse scene, you might be surprised to learn that Kevin Bacon didn’t do all of his own dancing. As the actor admitted during a 2013 interview with Howard Stern, he had a dance double, though he did do some of his own dancing.

Likewise, how does Kevin Bacon feel about Footloose? Kevin Bacon didn’t perform any of the songs on the Footloose soundtrack. … In the same interview with People magazine, Bacon explained “I had a stunt double, a dance double and two gymnastics doubles.” He said “There were five of us in the f—ing outfit, and I felt horrible.”

Beside above, did Kevin Bacon like the Footloose remake? Kevin Bacon says he rejected a role in the 2011 remake of his movie classic Footloose because the role he was offered was “lousy”.

Also know, what disease does Kevin Bacon have? It’s a way to pass time, but I can tell you one thing that just got closer to the Following actor: Lyme disease. Despite starring in a scary crime show, one of the things that scares Kevin Bacon the most is Lyme disease. He and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, have a home in Connecticut where Lyme disease is prominent.Kevin Bacon is not a gymnast, nor a dancer. Whilst he performed the majority of the dance routines in the film himself, he had two gymnastics doubles, one student double and one dance double on hand to perform the more difficult moves. Read more about Footloose and Bacon‘s performance in the film.

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Why weren’t they allowed to dance in Footloose?

Footloose is loosely based on the town of Elmore City, Oklahoma. The town had banned dancing since its founding in 1898 in an attempt to decrease the amount of heavy drinking. … If you have a dance somebody will crash it and they’ll be looking for only two things – women and booze.

How old was Kevin Bacon during Footloose?

“Footloose” starred a 25-year-old Bacon as a kid from Chicago who moves to a town where dancing is taboo and shakes things up.

Did Kevin Bacon do his own dancing?

Here’s how you know the 1984 classic “Footloose” is a dancing movie: Kevin Bacon actually had four dance doubles, while also managing to do most of the dancing himself. … He said he did the majority of his own dancing, until it came to the over-the-top warehouse scene.

Why is Footloose rated M?

MPAA explanation: mature themes.

Has Footloose been remade?

Footloose is a 2011 American musical film co-written and directed by Craig Brewer. It is a remake of the 1984 film of the same name and stars Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Miles Teller, Andie MacDowell and Dennis Quaid.

Is Kevin Bacon related to his wife?

Husband and wife Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick found out in 2011 that they are in fact ninth cousins, once removed after appearing on the TV show Finding Your Roots. Read more about Bacon’s relationship with Kyra Sedgwick and their shared ancestry.

How was Kevin Bacon discovered?

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Kevin Bacon’s film career started with 1978’s National Lampoon’s Animal House, but it was 1984’s Footloose that made him a pop culture icon. He has cranked out endless flicks since, and, in 2013, transitioned into full-time television star with the eerie crime series The Following.

Who did the warehouse dance scene in Footloose?

Kevin Bacon Dances Through His Anger In Iconic ‘Footloose’ Warehouse Scene. Angry dancing was definitely a thing that made big waves in the ’80s, and most of it was thanks to Kevin Bacon’s unforgettable anger-fueled warehouse dance scene from the blockbuster hit, Footloose.

Did Chris Penn do his own dancing in Footloose?

CHRIS PENN CAME IN WITH NO DANCE SKILLS. Originally, the two danced to the Karla Bonoff song “Somebody’s Eyes”—Ross said it didn’t work with the scene. Pitchford and Tom Snow wrote a more uplifting song instead around the line “Let’s hear it for the boy.”

Was Kevin Bacon the first choice for Footloose?

The Hollywood veteran, now 60, was on the cusp of fame when he was cast as Ren McCormack in the iconic 1984 dance film. … Kevin Bacon leading the cast of Footloose. Tom Cruise, who was already established at the time having starred in Endless Love and Risky Business, was originally offered the role of Ren.

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