Where to buy plymouth sloe gin?

Unlike the bulk of Sloe Gins out there today, Plymouth Sloe Gin is made from a excellent gin base and fresh sloe berries. … Made from sloe berries, a relative of plums and also called the blackthorn, sloe berries are quite astringent when fresh.

Is sloe gin hard to find?

Chances are you’ve never tasted sloe gin straight. Stateside, the liqueur is commonly found in a Sloe Gin Fizz and nowhere else. … In the States, where the berries are not so common, decent sloe gin is hard to find.

What is the best sloe gin?

  1. Hayman’s.
  2. Boodles Mulberry Gin.
  3. Solway Spirits.
  4. Gordon’s.
  5. Pickering’s.
  6. Sipsmith.
  7. Warner Edwards.
  8. 6 o’clock Gin.

Can sloe gin go off?

Unopened gin has a shelf life of several years – or even longer. So long as the bottle or seal isn’t broken, i.e. no air has been getting in, the alcohol will taste exactly the same when you do finally open it as when you bought it. Unlike wine, bottled gin doesn’t get better with age!

Is sloe gin stronger than gin?

Sloe Gin tends to have a lower alcohol content than traditional gin of 15 and 30 percent by volume. The Settlers Sloe Gin is pleasantly tart with attractive juniper and herbal notes, but is a proper gin with an alcohol content of 43 ABV.

What is the taste of sloe gin?

Sloe Gin’s Flavor Depends on Ingredient Quality “High quality [sloe gin] is going to taste plummy and have an earthy, raisiny like quality. They are often very sweet. Good ones tend to also have notes of almonds, which comes from the pit of the fruit.”

How is sloe gin drunk?

Not sure how to drink your sloe gin? Well, traditionally it is drunk neat or in warm drinks like a hot toddy, but it’s also delicious over ice, combined with a light, neutral tonic with a sprig of rosemary to garnish, or even topped up with prosecco for a fabulous sparkling aperitif!

Is Plymouth Gin any good?

The palate is soft, oily and gently warming. The finish leads into a soft citrus and earthiness. Only moderate length, angelica and coriander seem to be the last two standing. Absolutely beautiful, Plymouth Gin is one of my favorites.

What is the oldest gin distillery in England?

Black Friars Distillery, the working home of Plymouth Gin since 1793, is the oldest working gin distillery in England and is situated in the heart of the historic port city of Plymouth.

What can you use in place of sloe gin?

Substitute for Sloe gin You could alternately use Plum Brandy although it’s probably no easier to find and may cost even more. You can also mix 50% plum brandy and 50% regular gin.

Is sloe gin any good?

Rich berry red in colour and sweet to taste, sloe gin is the perfect winter warming tipple when the weather starts to turn a little nippier. … Flavours of citrus peel, burnt sugar, liquorice and dark berries all shone through, too, and the finish on this gin is long, while the aftertaste is warm and smooth.

Where can I find sloes?

Sloes grow on blackthorn trees, which are a very common sight along our network of canals and rivers. Resembling small damson fruits, they are usually turned into sloe gin, a delicious combination of gin, sugar and sloes.

What is the best way to drink sloe gin?

Sloe gin is traditionally sipped neat or as a hot toddy cocktail according to Joanne, but it works lovely chilled too. ‘I would suggest using ice if drinking in cold cocktails such as a sloe gin and ginger ale,’ Joanne recommends. ‘Or just add a shot to a chilled glass of Prosecco.

Can you drink sloe gin on its own?

Sloe gin is a fruity liqueur that can be served neat, with a mixer or even used in cooking.

Is Pink Gin sloe gin?

SLOE GIN. … Sloe gin has been a beloved, wintertime classic for centuries—but despite its traditional reputation, it also dovetails perfectly with the current pink gin craze. This irresistible spirit, made with richly flavoured sloe berries, pours a photogenic shade of magenta.