Which mixer with sloe gin?

Sloe gin is deliciously sweet with rich notes of plum and red berries. Combining this fruity sweetness with the bitter notes found in Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic Water makes for a perfectly balanced and refreshing long drink.

Do you mix sloe gin with tonic?

Fill a highball glass with ice. 2. Pour in the sloe gin with the tonic water and a squeeze of lemon. Mix well, then garnish with a slice of lemon.

Do you drink sloe gin neat?

Sloe gin is a fruity liqueur that can be served neat, with a mixer or even used in cooking.

Can you use sloe gin in a martini?

The Sloe Gin Martini is another Harry Craddock creation from his 1930 manual The Savoy Cocktail Book. Sloe gin is an old English style gin made by putting the berries of the blackthorn bush into gin and leaving it to steep. I’ve used McHenry Sloe Gin from Tasmania for this Sloe Gin martini. …

How is sloe gin drunk?

Not sure how to drink your sloe gin? Well, traditionally it is drunk neat or in warm drinks like a hot toddy, but it’s also delicious over ice, combined with a light, neutral tonic with a sprig of rosemary to garnish, or even topped up with prosecco for a fabulous sparkling aperitif!

Should sloe gin be refrigerated?

Store it in a cool, dark cupboard or shelf out of direct sunlight if you can’t keep it in the fridge or freezer, and it should be fine. More importantly, though, gin should never be served at room temperature!

What is the best sloe gin?

  1. Hayman’s.
  2. Boodles Mulberry Gin.
  3. Solway Spirits.
  4. Gordon’s.
  5. Pickering’s.
  6. Sipsmith.
  7. Warner Edwards.
  8. 6 o’clock Gin.

Does sloe gin improve with age?

Sloe Gin improves with age (to a certain point), so make more than you need and keep some for next year.

What does sloe gin taste like?

Sloe Gin’s Flavor Depends on Ingredient Quality “High quality [sloe gin] is going to taste plummy and have an earthy, raisiny like quality. They are often very sweet. Good ones tend to also have notes of almonds, which comes from the pit of the fruit.”

Is Gordon’s gin good for sloe gin?

Gordons take the finest wild sloe berries and steep them gently, before adding Gordon’s gin. The result is a wonderful tipple that marries the dryness of Gordon’s with cassis sweetness – perfect in cocktails, as an alternative G&T, or simply on its own (but always with friends!).

Is sloe gin a gin?

Differences between Gin and Sloe Gin Sloe gin can be classified as a liqueur and gin is a spirit. … Gin is less sweet than sloe gin. Gin is made from traditional distillation processes while sloe gin is made from mixing sugar and sloe berries and steeping in gin.

Is sloe gin good straight?

Sloe gin is traditionally sipped neat or as a hot toddy cocktail according to Joanne, but it works lovely chilled too. ‘I would suggest using ice if drinking in cold cocktails such as a sloe gin and ginger ale,’ Joanne recommends. ‘Or just add a shot to a chilled glass of Prosecco. ‘

Can you heat sloe gin?

Sloe gin: As this is a hot beverage I find that sloe gin works best here. A bit like with hot Vimto, the flavour of berries is greatly enhanced when heated. However, if you would like a more traditional hot toddy you can replace the sloe gin with brandy or whiskey.

Can you mix gin and Coke?

Sure, the Gin and Tonic is probably the first easy gin drink that jumps to mind. But mixing this botanical liquor with cola is a very good idea. Use the right ratio and the delicate flavor of gin shines through without getting overpowered by the sweet cola. Add a zing of lime and it tastes totally novel.

How strong is sloe gin?

Sloe gin is a British red liqueur made with gin and sloes. Sloes are the fruit (drupe) of Prunus spinosa, a relative of the plum. Sloe gin has an alcohol content between 15 and 30 percent by volume.